IUCAA invites applications to participate in the
Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) - 2023

Before filling up the application form, kindly read the following instructions:
  • Please ensure that you have all the necessary information and documents ready with you before you start filling in the application.
  • Once you have successfully submitted the application, you will receive an acknowledgement email from us at the email address provided by you at #9 in the application below.
  • An email is also sent to your referees based on the information provided by you at #12 in the application below. You should thoroughly verify their email addresses before submitting your application. The mail that a referee receives contains the necessary information required to submit their confidential assessment.
  • Please ensure that you have Curriculum vitae (Resume) in *.pdf format ready with you, before you start filling in the application.
  • Please restrict the size of the Curriculum vitae (Resume) file to be uploaded to 20MB.
  • The last date for receipt of applications is June 28, 2023. Please avoid last minute rush and try to submit your application well before the last date.
  • The last date for receipt of referees' recommendations is June 30, 2023
  • The short-listed applicants will be informed by email by -.
  • Please click here for more details regarding the projects offered, eligibility criteria etc.
  • For any further query or discussion about the project, interested candidates may feel free to contact the principal investigator of the project.

Note: All fields are mandatory. Please DO NOT use  ' (single quote) or " (double quote) while filling the form.

1. Program Name:
2. List of Projects:
(Select one or more)
Seismic Isolation in Gravitational Wave detectors
Designing, fabrication, and characterisation of a complete Extended Cavity Diode Laser (ECDL) system
Search and parameter estimation of gravitational-wave signals
Detector characterisation
3. Full Name:
Title First Name Middle Name Last Name
4. Gender:
5. Date of Birth:
6. Nationality:
7. Category:
8. Current Affiliation
(Name of University / College):

9. Address for Correspondence:
Postal Address :
Pin / Zip code:
Mobile No.:
Email Address:
10. Educational Qualifications:
Qualifying Exam Subject(s) of Specialization Year of Passing Name of University / Board Percentage / Grade Remark (If any)
11. Have you applied to either IUCAA or NCRA in any previous year for our Research Scholar/ Research Trainee/VSP/VSRP/STP Programmes?
. Do you require IUCAA's Accommodation?
12. Referee details:
Referee's Name Referee's Address Contact details
(Only one valid email for each referee.)
13.1: Phone#:
13.2: Phone#:
Please note that once you submit this application, an email (along with necessary instructions) is sent to the referees asking them to submit their assessment about you ONLINE. Once a referee submits his/her assessment, an acknowledgement is sent to him/her as well as to you.
13. Please answer (in less than 180 characters) the following questions:
(a) What are the subjects/topics that interest you most?

(b) What project/research work (if any) have you done before?

(c) Have you received any awards, scholarships, etc? If yes, give details:

(d) If you have taken GATE/ GRE /UGC/ CSIR NET, what is your score/result?

(e) Any other information that you feel is relevant:

(f) Technical / programming skills:

14. Upload your CV:

Application to Attend Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) ( 2023 )

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