Conferences on Library and Information Services in Astronomy  (LISA) have been held periodically with the aim of providing a platform to
discuss the state-of-the-art in astronomy librarianship in respect of information management, storage, retrieval, delivery and preservation
and to discern the new directions in which our profession is evolving.

Over the last two decades, five conferences were held covering a wide range of subjects including acquisition, organization and maintenance
of books, journals, preprints and other specialized materials both in print and electronic formats, use of information resources,
astronomical information seeking on the internet/world wide web, bibliographic and full text astronomy databases, online astronomical
catalogues, changes  in libraries and librarians' tasks, Astronomical Data Centres, conservation and archiving, preservation and history of
astronomy, electronic publishing trends,bibliometrics, astronomy user expectations, astronomy libraries in developing countries,
astronomical information network, beyond ADS and GOOGLE, cutting edge technologies and Virtual Observatory.

Between 1988 to 2006, there were five international seminars, viz.

LISA I:    July 1988, Washington, D.C.,USA
LISA II:   May 1995, Munich, Germany;
LISA III:  May 1998, Tenerife, Canary Island, Spain
LISA IV:   July 2002, Prague, Czech Republic
LISA V:    June 2006, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics,
                      Cambridge, USA

We are pleased to announce that the LISA VI conference will be held in India, hosted by the Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and
Astrophysics (IUCAA), at Pune, in the State of Maharashtra. This conference will be organized under the auspices of FORSA (Forum for
Resource Sharing in Astronomy and Astrophysics), a group of astronomy and physics related Institutes in India, during 14-17 February 2010
as per the tradition of organizing LISA once in every four years and also to enjoy the favorable weather conditions at Pune, India.