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1 2006PASJ...58..177S
1.00002/2006A      E          X                      R          S              U      
Singh, Harinder P.; Yuasa, Manabu; Yamamoto, Nawo; Gupta, Ranjan
Reliability Checks on the Indo-US Stellar Spectral Library Using Artificial Neural Networks and Principal Component Analysis

2 2006Ap&SS.301...21G
1.00001/2006A      E          X                      R                          U      
Gupta, Ranjan; Vaidya, D. B.; Bobbie, J. S.; Chylek, Petr
Scattering Properties and Composition of Cometary Dust

3 2005A&A...441..555G
1.00010/2005A      E  F      X                      R                          U      
Gupta, R.; Mukai, T.; Vaidya, D. B.; Sen, A. K.; Okada, Y.
Interstellar extinction by spheroidal dust grains

4 2005MNRAS.361..177S
1.00007/2005A      E  F      X                      R          S              U      
Sen, A. K.; Mukai, T.; Gupta, R.; Das, H. S.
An analysis of the distribution of background star polarization in dark clouds

5 2005BASI...33..175G
1.00006/2005A          F                                          S              U      
Gupta, Ranjan; Ashok, N. M.; Singh, Harinder P.; Ranade, Arvind C.
A near-IR stellar spectral library in the H band using the Mt. Abu telescope

6 2004BASI...32..311R
1.00012/2004A          F                                          S              U      
Ranade, Arvind; Gupta, Ranjan; Ashok, N. M.; Singh, Harinder P.
A near-infrared stellar spectral library: I. H-band spectra.

7 2004yCat..21520251V
1.00007/2004A                              D                                  O  U      
Valdes, F.; Gupta, R.; Rose, J. A.; Singh, H. P.; Bell, D. J.
Indo-US library of coude feed stellar spectra (Valdes+, 2004)

8 2004yCat..21520201G
1.00007/2004A                              D                                  O  U      
Gupta, R.; Singh, H. P.; Volk, K.; Kwok, S.
Classification of 2000 bright IRAS sources (Gupta+, 2004)

9 2004ApJS..152..251V
1.00006/2004A      E  F      X          D          R  C      S          O  U      
Valdes, Francisco; Gupta, Ranjan; Rose, James A.; Singh, Harinder P.; Bell, David J.
The Indo-US Library of Coudé Feed Stellar Spectra

10 2004ApJS..152..201G
1.00006/2004A      E  F      X          D          R  C      S          O  U  H  
Gupta, Ranjan; Singh, Harinder P.; Volk, K.; Kwok, S.
Automated Classification of 2000 Bright IRAS Sources

11 2003BASI...31..465R
1.00003/2003A                                                                      U      
Ramaprakash, A. Deep. A. N.; Tandon, S. N.; Gupta, R.; Burse, M. P.; Chordia, P. A.; Das, H. K.; Engineer, S.; Kohok, A. A.; Mestry, V. B.
Near Infrared PICNIC Imager (NIPI) - A Progress Report

12 2003IAUSS...4E..22G
1.00000/2003A                                                                      U      
Gupta, Ranjan
Experimental Astronomy Teaching at Indian Universities

13 2003IAUJD...8E..14S
1.00000/2003A                                                                      U      
Singh, Harinder P.; Gupta, Ranjan
Automated Online Data Analysis by Artificial Neural Networks

14 2003asdu.confE.168V
1.00000/2003A                                  T                                  U      
Vaidya, D. B.; Gupta, R.
Composite Interstellar Grains

15 2003asdu.confE.167G
1.00000/2003A                                  T                                  U      
Gupta, Ranjan; Vaidya, D. B.
Interstellar extinction revisited with T-Matrix calculations

16 2002Mercu..31...42G
1.00000/2002                                                                        U      
Gupta, R. Ed.
Book Review: Observer's handbook 2002 / Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

17 2002adaa.conf..355S
1.00000/2002                                    T                                  U      
Sen, A. K.; Gupta, Ranjan; Ramaprakash, A. N.; Tandon, S. N.
Reduction of Imaging Polarimetry Images

18 2002adaa.conf..149B
1.00000/2002                                    T                                  U      
Biswal, B.; Singh, Harinder P.; Gupta, Ranjan
Predicting Dynamics through Artificial Neural Networks

19 2002adaa.conf..139G
1.00000/2002                                    T                                  U      
Gupta, Ranjan; Polcaro, V. Francesco; Singh, Harinder P.
Slitless Spectroscopy and ANN Based Automated Analysis

20 2002adaa.conf..115G
1.00000/2002                                    T                                  U      
Gupta, Ranjan; Volk, Kevin; Kwok, Sun; Singh, Harinder P.
Automated Classification of IRAS Sources

21 2002adaa.conf...69S
1.00000/2002                                    T          C                      U      
Singh, Harinder P.; Bailer-Jones, Coryn A. L.; Gupta, Ranjan
Principal Component Analysis and its Application to Stellar Spectra

22 2002adaa.conf...51B
1.00000/2002A                  X              T          C                      U      
Bailer-Jones, Coryn A. L.; Gupta, Ranjan; Singh, Harinder P.
An Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks

23 2002adaa.conf.....G
1.00000/2002                                    T                                  U      
Gupta, Ranjan; Singh, Harinder P.; Bailer-Jones, Coryn A. L.
Automated data analysis in astronomy

24 2001BASI...29..471G
1.00009/2001A          F  G                                                      U      
Gupta, Ranjan
Small/automated telescopes and backend instrumentation for teaching purpose

25 2001A&A...375..584V
1.00008/2001A      E  F                              R  C                      U      
Vaidya, D. B.; Gupta, R.; Dobbie, J. S.; Chylek, P.
Interstellar extinction by composite grains

26 2001Mercu..30...42G
Gupta, R.
Book Review: Observer's handbook 2001 / Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

27 2001ASPC..223.1238G
1.00000/2001                                    T                                          
Gupta, R.; Vaidya, D. B.
Modeling of Interstellar Dust Grains (CD-ROM Directory: contribs/gupta2)

28 2001ASPC..223..791G
1.00000/2001                                    T          C                      U      
Gupta, R.; Gulati, R. K.; Singh, H. P.
An Investigation of Convective Overshoot from the Spectra of G and K Dwarfs (CD-ROM Directory: contribs/gupta1)

29 2000JApA...21...91V
1.00006/2000            F  G                          R  C      S              U      
Vaidya, D. B.; Anandarao, B. G.; Desai, J. N.; Gupta, R.
Porous and fluffy grains in the regions of anomalous extinction.

30 2000A&AS..141..175S
1.00001/2000A      E  F                  D          R  C      S          O  U      
Sen, A. K.; Gupta, Ranjan; Ramaprakash, A. N.; Tandon, S. N.
Imaging polarimetry of some selected dark clouds

31 1999yCat..41410175S
1.00008/1999A                              D                                  O  U      
Sen, A. K.; Gupta, Ranjan; Ramaprakash, A. N.; Tandon, S. N.
Dark clouds imaging polarimetry (Sen+, 2000)

32 1999A&A...348..594V
1.00008/1999A      E  F  G                          R  C                      U      
Vaidya, D. B.; Gupta, Ranjan
Interstellar extinction by porous grains

33 1998SPIE.3351..406R
1.00005/1998A                                  T                                          
Ramaprakash, A. N.; Gupta, Ranjan; Tandon, S. N.
Flexible off-axis acquisition and guidance system

34 1998MNRAS.295..312S
1.00004/1998A      E  F  G                          R  C                      U      
Singh, Harinder P.; Gulati, Ravi K.; Gupta, Ranjan
Stellar Spectral Classification using Principal Component Analysis and Artificial Neural Networks

35 1998A&AS..128..369R
1.00003/1998A      E  F      X                      R  C      S              U  H  
Ramaprakash, A. N.; Gupta, R.; Sen, A. K.; Tandon, S. N.
An imaging polarimeter (IMPOL) for multi-wavelength observations

36 1998uabi.conf..711G
1.00000/1998            F  G                  T                                  U      
Gulati, R. K.; Gupta, R.; Singh, H. P.
Analysis of IUE Low Resolution Spectra Using Artificial Neural Networks

37 1998LNP...506..243R
1.00000/1998A          F  G                  T                                  U      
Ramaprakash, A. N.; Tandon, S. N.; Gupta, R.
Imaging Polarimetry of Nearby Molecular Clouds

38 1998BASI...26..521R
1.00000/1998            F  G                                      S              U      
Ramaprakash, A. N.; Gupta, Ranjan; Tandon, S. N.
Magnetic fields in molecular clouds

39 1998ASPC..138..309S
1.00000/1998            F  G                  T      R                          U      
Singh, H. P.; Gupta, R.; Gulati, R. K.
Stellar spectral classification based on principal component analysis and artificial neural networks

40 1997A&A...328..634V
1.00012/1997A      E  F  G                          R  C                      U      
Vaidya, D. B.; Gupta, Ranjan
Extinction by porous silicate and graphite grains

41 1997PASP..109..843G
1.00007/1997A          F  G                          R  C      S              U      
Gulati, R.; Gupta, R.; Singh, H.
E(BV) Determinations of O and B Stars Using Artificial Neural Networks

42 1997A&A...322..933G
1.00006/1997A      E  F  G                          R  C      S              U      
Gulati, R. K.; Gupta, R.; Rao, N. K.
A comparison of synthetic and observed spectra for G-K dwarfs using artificial neural networks.

43 1996BASI...24..855G
1.00012/1996            F  G                                                              
Gupta, Ranjan
Small telescopes and robotics

44 1996BASI...24...21G
1.00003/1996A          F  G                              C                      U      
Gulati, R. K.; Gupta, Ranjan; Gothoskar, Pradeep; Khobragade, Shyam
Classification of ultraviolet stellar spectra using artificial neural networks

45 1996gbaa.conf..358R
1.00000/1996                                    T                                          
Ramaprakash, A. N.; Tandon, S. N.; Gupta, R.; Sen, A. K.
Imaging Polarimeter (IMPOL)

46 1996Ap&SS.239..361M
1.00000/1996            F  G                          R          S              U      
Mukherjee, Soma; Bhattacharya, Ujjwal; Parui, S. K.; Gupta, Ranjan; Gulati, Ravi K.
A multi-layered backpropagation artificial neural network algorithm for UV spectral classification

47 1995BASI...23..567G
1.00012/1995                G                                                              
Gupta, Ranjan; Tandon, S. N.; Deo, R. S.; Ramprakash, A. N.
Automated photoelectric telescopes for universities

48 1995ASPC...77..253G
1.00000/1995A      E  F  G                  T      R  C                      U      
Gulati, R. K.; Gupta, R.; Gothoskar, P.; Khobragade, S.
Automated Classification of a Large Database of Stellar Spectra

49 1994ApJ...426..340G
1.00005/1994A          F  G                          R  C      S              U      
Gulati, R. K.; Gupta, Ranjan; Gothoskar, Pradeep; Khobragade, Shyam
Stellar spectral classification using automated schemes

50 1994VA.....38..293G
1.00000/1994A      E                                      C                      U      
Gulati, R. K.; Gupta, R.; Gothoskar, P.; Khobragade, S.
Ultraviolet stellar spectral classification using a multilevel tree neural network

51 1992ASPC...34..249G
1.00000/1992            F  G                  T      R                                  
Gupta, Ranjan
APTs for Indian Universities

52 1987dsc..proc..567C
1.00009/1987A                                  T                                  U      
Chandrasekhar, T.; Prasad, C. Debi; Desai, J. N.; Ashok, N. M.; Gupta, Ranjan
Study of the ionic and neutral species in the coma of Comet Halley with an image intensifier camera

53 1986GeoRL..13.1055G
1.00010/1986A                                          R  C                              
Gupta, R.; Desai, J. N.; Raghavarao, R.; Sekar, R.; Sridharan, R.
Excess heating over the equatorial latitudes during storm sudden commencement

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