About Radio Physics Lab
IUCAA & NCRA signed a memorandum of understanding a decade back, which initiated a new era of cooperation between the two institutes in radio astronomy/physics education and training programs.


The main aim of the initiative is to:

1) Provide a platform for teaching Radio Physics & training students with interest in Radio Astronomy.

2)Provide a platform to school & college students to carry out simple yet exciting experiments demonstrating the concepts of radio astronomy & physics, thus appealing to their imagination.

3)Provide facilities for local school &college students working both at IUCAA & NCRA to carry out projects in radio astronomy, thus enhancing radio astronomy awareness.

4)Provide a template for setting up similar simple experiments at school & college levels and at Universities across India.

5)To train motivated Bachelor/Masters and research level science and engineering students nationwide in the use of radio telescopes and introduce them to the specialized concepts of radio astrophysics.

6)To develop and promote both technical and cooperative project skills among students using the radio telescope and laboratory medium as a vehicle.

7)To motivate and prepare exceptionally talented students for advanced level research with the GMRT and other world class radio telescopes.

8)To use radio astronomy, which is an interdisciplinary field, to study and understand concepts in physics, chemistry, engineering and computer science.

9)To set up basic laboratory and telescope facilities to enable students perform hands-on experiments in electromagnetism, wave propagation, antenna engineering, and in other related subjects.

10)To hold workshops, training schools and data analysis events locally and at other universities.