Present and Past students at Radio Physics Lab


PhD students

  • K.G. Biju (2018) [Title : "Radio and optical studies of a selected sample of giant radio galaxies and a merging galaxy cluster Abell 407"]

  • Shishir Sankhyayan (2019) [Title : "Superclusters and the Void-High Density Region Correlations in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey"]

  • Pratik Dabhade - In preparation (2019) [Title : "A novel study of giant radio galaxies"]

    Junior Research Fellow (JRF- Radio Physics Lab)

  • Mousumi Mahato (2018-present) [Working on radio loud AGNs]

  • Ashish Mhaske (Engineering) (2016-2017) [Horn Antenna & radio telescope intstrumentation]

    M.Sc thesis supervised for:

  • Shankar Ray (2019) [Title:"HST Data Analysis And Finding Spectral Energy Distribution Of The Massive And Fastest Rotating Spiral UGC 12591"] (Dept. of Physics, SP Pune University)

  • Sagar Sethi (2018) [Title:"Exploring the fundamental plane of black hole activity in nearby galaxies"] (Dept. of Physics, SP Pune University)

  • Vikram Jaiswal (2016) [Title:"Radio study of twin quasar 0957+561"] (Dept. of Physics, SP Pune University)

  • Pratik Dabhade (2014) [Title:"A study of giant radio galaxies"] (Dept. of Physics, SP Pune University)

  • Suraj Dhiwar (2014) [Title:"Tully Fisher relation for rapidly rotating spiral galaxies"] (Dept. of Physics, SP Pune University)

  • Shishir Sankhyayan (2010) [Title:"Radio observations and their physical interpretations"] (Dept. of Physics, Pune University)

  • Surajit Paul (Dept. of Physics, Pune University)

  • Samir Dhurde (Dept. of Physics, Pune University)

  • Aditya Rotti (2008) [Title: "The origin of high energy cosmic ray"] (Dept. of Physics, Pune University)

  • Jaydeep Belapure (2008) [Title: "Photometric analysis and study of cluster radio halo 0116+111"] (Fergusson College, Pune,Pune University)

  • Viral Parekh (2006) [Title: "The study of nonlinear dynamics and chaos through electronics circuits"] (Fergusson College, Pune,Pune University)

  • Siddharth Hegde (2006) [Title: "The invisible Sun "] (Fergusson College, Pune,Pune University)

  • Nikhil Pawar (2005) [Title: "The nature of Jovian decametric radio emission and their correlation with IO"] (Fergusson College, Pune,Pune University)

  • Vaibhav Prakash (2005) [Title: "Magnetic properties in radio galaxy CGCG049-033"] (Pune University)

  • N. Kirubanand (2000) [Title: "Gravitational lensing of the cosmological distance radio source by foreground cluster of galaxies "] (Gandhigram rural Institute, Tamil Nadu)

  • Humeshkar N. B (2000) [Title: "An estimation of large scale magnetic field from the study of 2343+0018: A cosmological distance galaxy filament"] (Loyala College, Madras)

    B.Tech/M.Tech projects supervised for:

  • Jameer Manur (2015) [Polarization modulation for communication] (VIIT, Pune)

  • Mohini Nagardeolekar (2014) [Polarization modulation for communication] (VIT, Pune)

  • Hamza Saify (2018) [Automation in Telescope] (VIT, Pune)

  • Rushikesh Deogaonkar (2018)[Automation in Telescope] (VIT, Pune)

    Project students (long term):

  • Prajwal Padmanabh (2017) [Title: "Simulating Sunyaev–Zeldovich maps for Saraswati using Ray tracing"]

  • Suhani Gupta (2018) [Title: "Study of Sunyaev–Zeldovich effect in Saraswati Supercluster using PLANCK"]

  • Ashish Mhaske (2015-2016) [Low cost Radio telescope for detection ofs 21cm Hydrogen line] (K.K Wagh College, Nashik)

  • Madhuri Gaikwad(2011-2014) [Cosmic ray muon detectors and giant radio galaxies]