Cosmic Ray Muon Detector (CRMD)

The cosmic ray muon detector (CRMD) is a particle detector which can detect and observe by-products of cosmic ray particles which were created and accelerated by very violent mechanisms in the universe. The CRMD at IUCAA Radio physics lab is one of its kind and was built in 2011 by bachelor level students. It is the only detector of its type running in entire ASIA. The material to build the detector was imported from FERMILAB (USA). This detector is used to take readings of constant muon flux and determine mean muon lifetime. It is quite a rich experiment as it enables students to not only study astroparticle physics but also quite a lot about nuclear and particle physics in general. Mean muon lifetime also serves as a test for Einstein’s special theory of relativity. Since 2012 the detector has been used for experiments in Savitribai Phule Pune University M.Sc Astronomy and Astrophysics specialization course as well in Radio Astronomy Winter School..


Construction of Muon Detector

Construction of Cosmic Ray Muon Detector (CMRD) at the Radio Physics Lab.

Video on Cosmic Ray Muon Detector

In this vdieo Mr. Pratik is expalins some basic aspects of Cosmic Ray Muon and the observational setup at the Radio Physics Lab.

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